Gas well leak leads to cleanup in Farmington

FARMINGTON – Firefighters and officials from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Trumbull County hazardous material team were called to the site of a natural gas well here at least twice in as many days after neighbors said the well’s containment tank was leaking fluids.

Farmington Volunteer Fire Department crews were among firefighters responding about 5:20 p.m. Monday to the site of the well at 4669 Scenic Drive Northwest, according to 911 dispatch records. Crews had also been called to the site off Girdle Road around noon on Sunday. In both cases, neighbors reported odors coming from the well and said it was leaking fluids.

Crude oil was leaking from the containment tank, according to Trumbull HazMat Interim Chief Jason DeLuca. He said the tank was shut down and a vacuum truck was called in to suck up the oil that had gotten into a nearby stream. Crews also placed absorbent materials in the area to contain leakage into tributaries leading to the Grand River.

”We built a dam and stopped the product from going any farther than it was. It was fairly simple for them to vacuum it,” DeLuca said Tuesday.

Neighbor Bill Vondra, who called 911 on Monday after returning home from an out-of-town trip, said the gas well head is about 250 feet from his home.

”It stinks,” Vondra said Tuesday. ”It doesn’t smell as bad today as it did yesterday, but it’s just kind of a scary thing to come home to.”

A 911 dispatch report indicates that cleanup will take about two more days.