Retired judge is a great American


I miss Judge John Stuard already.

Those of us who were privileged enough to sit down with the judge as a friend knew he was a learned and genuinely honest person who listened to you. He had time for everybody. We could count on his common sense.

He was so well read and would educate me through the years in a way that was mesmerizing. He would tell me about or loan me books to read, and it opened my mind about the human condition and lately, about the monetary system.

The coolest thing to me was when he was part of the movie ”Gettysburg.” He was in his element in that picture. He has done re-enactments and competition shooting with his cannon over the years. And, he got to meet Sam Elliot.

We were so lucky to have him as a judge for so long until he retired. And, to those of us who have gotten to know him, a great American.

Genevieve M. Bauman