Artwork benefits Valley Counseling

WARREN – An artist exhibition and auction is being held at the Trumbull Art Gallery to raise money for Valley Counseling Services. The show features the works of the organization’s clients, staff and other supporters.

The third annual art showcase highlights the works of artists ranging in ages from 4 years old to senior citizens.

“One of the reasons we do this show annually is our wanting to reduce the stigma and shed a different light on mental illnesses,” Jody Klase, the director of business development at Valley Counseling, said. “This has been very successful over the years.”

Pat Galgozy, executive director at TAG, said the group loves hosting the annual show.

The art will be on display through Feb. 1. There are about 125 pieces on display, with 42 slated for auction.

Artist Ryan Brundage displayed a drawing of a Buddhist priest. On the drawing, the words “Mu Shin,” which translates to “Empty Minds,” is inscribed.

“I stopped (drawing) for a period after I had an accident, but I’ve come back to it,” Brundage said.

Raul Pagan, 28, of Warren, has been drawing and painting since he was 15.

“It’s fun and relaxing,” Pagan said. “I can draw anything I see, but I like to put my own spin to whatever I see. “

Dave Reahle, 59, of Warren, has been a fan of John Lennon since the 1960s and has more than 2,000 pieces of art at his home done in homage of the musician.

“Of all the Beatles, I like Lennon the most because he put the group together,” Reahle said.