Witness recalls gunfire, body from 1-1-2011

YOUNGSTOWN – New Year’s 2011 was something Doris Sobnosky will not soon forget.

Testifying Wednesday in the murder trial of 22-year-old Daro Correa, Sobnosky told jurors how she and a friend huddled in her kitchen by the refrigerator when gunfire that broke out at midnight lasted for hours. Then she spotted a body on a curb near her Shady Run Road home.

Jurors were picked Tuesday, and attorneys gave opening statements before jurors returned Wednesday to hear testimony.

Correa and another man are on trial in the death of Randy Capelli, 30, of Campbell, who police say was killed in a robbery about 4 a.m. Jan. 1, 2011.

Sobnosky testified that she and a friend were celebrating the New Year with a toast and as soon the clock struck midnight, gunfire erupted from all over.

”As soon as our beers clicked, the gunfire started,” Sobnosky testified. ”It sounded like a war zone.”

When asked why she and her friend went into another room and cowered by the refrigerator, Sobnosky answered, ”So we wouldn’t get killed.”

Sobnosky testified the gunfire died down at 3 a.m., and about an hour later, a car came down her street. She said that was strange because she lives on a dead end street and the only other neighbor is in her 90s, so someone would have to have a reason to be there, she said.

As she went to the door to check the car, she heard several gunshots in rapid succession. The car went to the dead end, turned around and left the street, then came back a few minutes later, Sobnosky said. As she switched vantage points in her home she saw a body on the curb, which was later identified as Capelli.

She said two men got out and went to the car’s hatchback like they were looking for something before they popped the hood, then they walked away in the rain. She said she could hear the two men talking and laughing but could not see their faces.

Sobnosky said when the car left the first time, she knew it would return because she thought someone inside had looked at her the first time. She said she and her friend turned off all the lights in her house and were watching for the car to come back before calling 911.

”I knew that car was coming back,” Sobnosky said. ”I knew we weren’t safe.”

The other defendant, Emmanuel Dawson, 30, of Howell, Mich., will go on trial sometime after Correa’s case.