Widow in fight with insurance company


When my husband passed away, it was a stressful and painful time. The worst time is going to be when you contact insurance companies to receive your benefits. When I contacted them about the insurance policy, they told me what to do. I did just what they said. I waited for some kind of word from them for almost a month, so I called them. They told me something different every time.

They tell you to call one number and another; they even told me my husband wasn’t in the computer and that they had no record after 40 years. When you ask questions, they don’t know the answer. They take your name and number, say they will check out the situation and call back. You never hear from them again.

The union workers even contacted them and they lied to them. The more you talked to them, there was more and more paperwork they wanted. I gave them everything but a DNA test and fingerprints. Then they told the union person they didn’t ask for all the information. I’m not the kind of person who gives up information unless you ask.

It’s like you’re on a whirlwind and it never stops. It’s bad enough your spouse passed away, and then you have to go through all the stress.

From the beginning, they tell you the amount you’re receiving, and guess what? They lied again. They cut the money in half.

I just wanted to let people who have to deal with the insurance companies know what they have to look forward to if their spouse passes away.

Margaret L. Patterson