Illusionists bring wonder to Lordstown school

LORDSTOWN – Master illusionist John Bloom will take to the stage Friday at the Lordstown Elementary School with an enchanting show to awe families while raising money for Lordstown Elementary’s Parents Interested in Education group.

The 2013 edition of his touring show includes grand performances such as levitating his wife, illusionist Chance Bloom, 12 to 14 feet into the air and making it snow indoors.

Bloom, from Liberty, said that locally residents are used to simple magic tricks performed in libraries, but that his show is much more.

“Our show is more grand stage illusions,” Bloom said, “like David Copperfield.”

Bloom said the show features classic illusions with people that have been performed for decades such as Metamorphosis, made famous by escape artist Harry Houdini. Bloom boasts in the ability to create magic with anything from a pack of cards to live animals and people.

His piece de resistance this year is the “Indoor Blizzard,” which he conjures up with a bowl of water, a napkin and a Chinese fan. Bloom promises to glimpse the Magician’s Warehouse, visit a Forbidden Egypt and witness the Mysteries of Victoria.

Also included in the show are performances by local artists, comedian magician Bill Bishop and sleight of hand illusionist Carlin the Continental Conjuror.

“My mission as an illusionist,” Bloom said, “is to try to find local talent and get them out there on stage.”

Bloom said he brought Carlin on to perform intricate slight of hand tricks that take years to perfect.

“It’s a dying art form,” Bloom said, “what he’ll present.”

Bloom and his wife have four children who will also involved with the show, Bloom said this is one of the reasons why he believes it is so important to keep their show family friendly and to support P.I.E. In addition Bloom writes at monthly column titled “Smoke and Mirrors,” for a parenting magazine.

The night will also include other fundraising including the sale of chicken dinners and displays by local vendors. Show tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. Chicken dinner tickets are a separate charge, $8 for a large dinner or $6 for a small dinner. All tickets can be purchased online at