Donations to victims served its purpose


On March 10, 2013, a very tragic accident occurred in our community resulting in the deaths of six young citizens. It’s a day that most of us will never forget and I cannot imagine the grief experienced by the survivors.

The story received attention from the national media and caused an outpouring of sympathy from people all over this country. Because of that, a large amount of money was donated to help those who were put into financial straits to bury their loved ones.

The amount far exceeded what Warren City Council President Bob Dean, The Rev. Rick Oaks and others involved in the fund had expected to receive. In their wisdom they have decided to save the excess for future similar tragedies, if that should happen. Make no mistake about it, something will happen.

That being said, an onion needs to go out to those who believe the money remaining should be distributed to the families. I don’t understand this sense of entitlement. The expenses have been covered and let’s use the excess to pay forward for the next time something similar happens.

For those who say they donated specifically for these families I say you should have given to them directly. As for using the names and faces of those who died in the fund-raising efforts, what would you have done differently?

Rev. Rick Oaks told me that the last time an effort was made such as this was when the six people died in a fire on Warren’s west side, resulting in donations of $15,000. This amount pales in comparison to the more than $50,000 received for the March 10 tragedy. His opinion is the difference is because of national media attention.

For those who believe that they are entitled to more, remember the next time the donations might not be as great. Pay it forward.

Ron Schoch