Tue., 6:15pm: Police say man forced boy to watch while he cut wires

WARREN Police say a man they caught cutting telephone pole wires early Tuesday morning had an 11-year-old boy helping him and serving as his lookout.

Timothy Woodyard, 33, 341 Charles Ave. S.E., is in the Trumbull County Jail for the charges of endangering children, possession of criminal tools and petty theft after his arraignment in municipal court Tuesday.

Police were called about 12:10 a.m. Tuesday to Charles and South streets after a caller said she saw two males cutting wires from telephone poles, reports state.

Police arrived and found the pair cutting the wires in front of 125 Charles Ave. S.E. They found out the second person was the 11-year-old son of Woodyards girlfriend, reports state.

Police learned that Woodyard forced the boy to help him cut the wires, reports state, and Woodyard was arrested and taken to the jail.

Wanda Cole, a neighbor, said she saw the boy next to a pole but did not see him cut anything.

He looked like a little boy just going along with him, Cole said.

Cole said she was shocked that a boy that young was outside after midnight.

He should have been in bed, Cole said.

Cole said Woodyard had cut the ground wires off the poles at several different locations and she had her two daughters follow him around the neighborhood so she could relay their locations to the police.

Woodyard was given a bond of $7,500 after he was arraigned and has a preliminary hearing set for May 14.

Police spokesman Lt. Jeff Cole did not return a message seeking more information.