Wed. 3:47pm: D&L fights state action

COLUMBUS (AP) – A northeast Ohio injection-well operator whose former officer faces federal charges of violating the Clean Water Act is seeking permission to resume operations.

An attorney for D&L Energy, of Youngstown, told the Ohio Oil & Gas Commission today that Ben Lupo was acting on behalf of another company when he committed the acts for which he’s been federally indicted, and D&L should not be punished.

Lupo has pleaded not guilty to ordering the repeated dumping of gas-drilling wastewater into a storm sewer. He was working at the time for Hardrock Excavating LLC, which contracted with D&L as a brine hauler.

Brian Ball, the state’s lawyer, described Lupo as “the heart and soul” of a group of companies operating from the same address that were interrelated and jointly liable.