Sun. 6:47pm: EPA to assess oil spill on Monday

NILES – Ohio Environment Protection Agency officials plan to be on scene Monday to assess the damage caused by the oil that leaked into the Mahoning River from a malfunctioning water-oil separator at a Warren Township plant last week.

Chris Abbruzzese, EPA spokesman, said earlier today that it’s too soon to tell how much oil spilled into the river or how much the cleanup effort is costing.

“Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the three miles of river, the containment areas, and look for any residual pockets of oil,” he explained. “I think they’ve done a pretty good job at cleaning it up and containing it. We’ll see tomorrow where everything’s at and go from there.”

Private cleanup crews have been working since Friday afternoon. Abbruzzese said nothing else is being discharged into river at this point and officials believe the spill was “purely oil.”

The spill was reported to the Niles Fire Department about 1:30 p.m. Friday by someone on the bike path who noticed a sheen on the river, prompting multiple agencies to kick into action.

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