Can we trust our government?


I use to say I can close my door to my house and feel safe in this country; I can no longer say this and neither can any citizen in this country anymore. Because big brother is watching and listening in on you.

This is sad. With the knowledge this government has and the power they have to accuse you of anything they choose is frightening. Seems they live by a different set of rules than we have to. If this NSA was so good, how did the Boston bombing happen? Yet they want our emails and our phone records and store them for however long they want, to review at their discretion, to do whatever they want to you. Yet they all have private emails. Yet, with all the money that has been spent to keep us safe, they have failed.

Do you really, at this point in time, trust our government? Once you have lost trust and respect for someone, there is nothing left. I have heard people lie after each scandal that has hit Washington, D.C., since Benghazi happened. The IRS – I am sure all of us trust this agency, and this is the agency that is supposed to run Obamacare – has spent over $50 billion of taxpayers’ money in two years on crap, and this government wants to put it in charge of the investigation of the attorney general, the very person who was given immunity in the fast and furious scandal of the U.S. selling guns to Mexico and the killing of a border patrolman; the AP scandal; the leaking of government secrets scandal; the EPA creating man caves equipped with TVs, couches, lounge chairs, computers, at taxpayers’ expense; and the latest scandal in the state department again, this time of illegal prostitution abroad.

This whistleblower just came forward with this new information, and I’m sure the government wants everyone to just keep quiet. We have people in Washington heading the IRS taking the 5th Amendment and on administrative leave with pay. Try that answer with the IRS? Democrat or Republican, who do you trust?

I listen to our leaders who have said they had no knowledge of anything going on. Nice answer or just a cover-up? I also love this one, there is an “ongoing investigation.” People need to decide. Seems like what one reporter has described, what Washington is suffering from is “chronic diarrhea scandal.” Seems to be one every week.

What do we pay them for? This is the job they chose and were elected for. These people who hold the highest positions in our government actually have given speeches to the graduates at college commencements this year. If they were from our generation, they would have been booed off the stage. I think back on the Baby Boomers who would never have allowed any of this to go on, and I wonder how the younger generation can sit back and allow this to happen. I know what we did: we demanded answers, we protested, and people were actually held accountable for what they did wrong. The younger generation should be outraged at what is going on, instead of watching useless, mindless reality shows. And they should shut off their phones, the torch is being passed on to them. What will they do?

— Ruth Lilley, Niles