Tue., 6:53am: Three indicted for taking teens for sex

LISBON — Sexual activities involving two teenage girls transported from the Alliance area to Liverpool Township without their parents permission has led to charges against three men.

Two men have been charged with alleged sexual activities with the girls, while a third is accused of providing drugs to one of the girls. Assistant County Prosecutor Timothy McNicol said Chris Monte, 49, Bell School Road, East Liverpool, is accused of transporting the two girls, who were at least 13 and less than 16 years of age, from the Alliance area last Dec. 29 or 30.

McNicol said the girls went without the knowledge of their parents, who reported them as running away when they did not come home.

The girls allegedly were taken to the home of Dylan Edgar Rhodes, 21, Anderson Boulevard, East Liverpool, which is in Liverpool Township, McNicol said. While en route to Rhodes’ home, Monte is accused of providing one of the girls, who was 15 at the time, access to narcotics.

Monte is charged with corrupting another with drugs, a second-degree felony charge carrying a maximum prison sentence of eight years. McNicol said if convicted the charge calls for mandatory incarceration.

At the Liverpool Township home, Rhodes and Nicholas James Meeks, 23, Echo Dell Road, East Liverpool, are accused of having sex with each of the girls. Both are charged with two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, which McNicol said are fourth-degree felony charges due to the men being less than 10 years older than the girls.

The charges carry a maximum 18-month sentence.