People will shop for the best value


Although the activity seems to have stopped, I commend Mr. Al Novak for doing what he believes is correct by picketing the “new” store in our area. I must say new in quotes because it is new in bringing many jobs to this area. Yes, the jobs are supposedly more part-time than full-time, but when the new store rush is over, as it always is, the company will then take the full-time workers from a well graded group.

If the jobs are permanent and the wages are from entry level to skilled, good. That is how most of us started our working lives. Novak is fortunate to take a year off of his employment and still exist in our economy. I envy that part of his ability.

The unionized and the management personnel both have to agree that whether a place is opened under union or non-union, a job is a job. Whether you are union or not, against foreign products or not, we all have some “foreign” piece of material in our homes, in our cars and more than likely in our garages. Most American-made automobiles are not “Made in the U.S.A.” Much of anything we have is not now made in the U.S. and Mr. Novak surely must agree.

The steel mills succumbed to the foreign producers. Why? The automobile makers succumbed to the foreigners. Why? Even Mr. What’s good for GM is good for the country was a proud label carried by the once largest car producer and seller in the world. Now they are less than completely made in America, let alone in the U.S. Why? So, shouldn’t we accept a new store to the city of Warren, even though it goes three times removed from Belgium?

They is free enterprise competition for all of the other supermarkets in the area. Yesterday, I went into a once-mighty store. I felt embarrassed for them. I wanted to shop there for groceries as I once did in the past. The prices were high, and the produce looked bad – the corn especially. I decided to go to another market, where the store was packed and the prices wonderfully low.

So the grocery stores of this area better heed the word competition as they once did and had more than non-embarrassing store attendance.

Mr. Novak should feel proud that his picketing is not hurting the business of the new store on the block. He and the other pickets are not bullies in the normal sense, but he should realize people will go where the price is low. Even we proud Americans who live for the Stars and Stripes have to watch our wallets, even if it means shopping at a new store.

Patrick M. Liste