Congressman is man of honor, integrity


I wholeheartedly and respectfully disagree with the current Warren City Council president who in a previous editorial called Congressman Bill Johnson the “poorest excuse for a Congressman.”

Although Trumbull County is not a part of the 6th District, Congressman Johnson is deeply concerned for all citizens (especially veterans) and in the economic stability of our country (including the Mahoning Valley). In a recent interview with WFMJ TV Channel 21, Congressman Johnson said he is reaching out to Democrats and President Obama with a fair compromise for hard working people to delay the individual health care mandate for one year in order to pass a responsible funding bill through Congress.

Congressman Johnson, being an Air Force veteran of 26 years and a founder of two small businesses, is in touch with the frustrations of Americans toward their government on both sides of the aisle and does not want to purposefully shut the government down. Since serving in the House from day one, Congressman Johnson has refused to take any Congressional health care benefits and is currently not accepting his salary during the shutdown, but is instead donating it to charity.

Thank you, Congressman Bill Johnson, for fighting for us and being a man of honor, courage and integrity. You are a great American, and those of us who know you know the truth.

— Tom O’Neill, Youngstown