AG: Shot man had a stolen gun

WARREN – One of the weapons a 24-year-old man had in his possession early Saturday morning when he was fatally shot during a confrontation with a city patrolman was reported stolen after a residential burglary this past summer.

Jill Del Greco, a spokesperson for the state attorney general’s office, confirmed on Thursday that Taemarr Walker had an HK MP5 22LR HV (a semi-automatic) with him the morning he died. A Ruger pistol also was taken from the vehicle Walker was in that morning, she said.

She said the rifle was reported stolen in a burglary in Warren Township on June 22.

However, Del Greco said that beyond that she cannot confirm any details about the investigation into the shooting because it is ongoing.

Still, details about

the deadly confrontation between Walker and Patrolman Michael Krafcik continue to trickle out.

On Wednesday, Warren City police released to the Tribune Chronicle a recording that shows some of the aftermath of the shooting. Based on information on that recording, Walker apparently pointed a gun at Krafcik before the officer shot him.

Police conversations recorded by the dashboard camera indicate Walker was wearing rubber gloves when he was shot and police believe he may have been en route to ”shoot up” a local bar when he came upon Krafcik at the scene of an unrelated car crash in a remote area at the intersection of Risher and Palmyra roads S.W.

The recording also reveals that a tow truck driver was at the scene at the time of the shooting and that there was a female in the vehicle with Walker.

Traci Timko Rose, assistant Warren law director, said that as of Thursday police had not charged the female, who has not been identified, with anything. The female can be heard crying ”Please don’t kill me. Oh, God, please don’t kill me” as she is led in handcuffs from Walker’s vehicle to Krafcik’s cruiser.

Although Krafcik’s cruiser did not have video capabilities, the second police vehicle to arrive at the scene did. That dash cam recorded the aftermath of the shooting. It appears the second officer to arrive at the scene was Sgt. Bryan Holmes.

An officer can be heard saying ”He’s wearing rubber gloves. … I see it’s straight in his hands. We need to establish his vital signs so I’m gonna have to recover the weapon out of here. Note I just pulled a Ruger out of the subject’s hands … OK. This is still loaded ….leave that gun loaded like it is … see if you’ve got a pulse … no pulse? All right. I gotta start making some calls.”

The recording reveals that EMS workers on the scene established Walker had no pulse.

Krafcik can be heard explaining to another officer that the tow truck driver was at the scene pulling the initial vehicle out of a ditch and that the road was blocked.

He explained he tried to signal for the driver of the second vehicle, but that car was traveling at a high rate of speed and also went into a ditch. Krafcik said he saw a rifle and that Walker was in the back seat, but dove over the front seat and started pulling the handgun out from underneath the front seat.

On Monday, the Trumbull County Coroner’s Office said Walker died from multiple gunshot wounds. However, the coroner’s office would not say specifically how many times Walker was shot.

Warren police officials have declined to say much about the shooting, but have deferred questions to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the investigative arm of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, which has taken the lead in the investigation.

Walker’s ties to both Warren and Detroit are among several connections between the two cities that local officials have investigated involving dozens of people and a slew of crimes from drug possession and robbery to felonious assault and murder.

Walker, who had been wounded by gunfire at least twice, was sentenced to a year in prison in 2009. He was suspected in the shooting death of a man that same year.

He was released from Trumbull County Jail Oct. 11 after a grand jury failed to indict him on charges of felonious assault and aggravated robbery in two holdups a year ago. He was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday on charges of tampering with evidence and failing to comply with the orders of a police officer.

His name could be heard Friday evening on police radio traffic just hours before he died. An officer on the dash cam recording can be heard saying that two other officers had called dispatch to advise that ”Taemarr Walker was coming to shoot the bar up.”