LaBrae schools receive free iPads

LEAVITTSBURG -Students using the libraries at LaBrae schools will have more new technology to use due to a fundraising effort that helped the district win 25 free iPads.

Bascom Elementary Principal Wally Carpenter said at a recent assembly for grades kindergarten to fifth that because the school district collected the most aluminum cans for recycling as part of the Novelis Neighbors Recycling Contest, the school won the iPads, which were split among the three school libraries.

Debby Brinsey, library aide at Bascom, said as part of the Novelis Neighbor Recycling Contest, whichever school collected the most aluminum cans to recycle would win 20 free iPads.

“Also whatever school had the most participation and people involved received five additional iPads, which we did,” Brinsey said, adding to the total of 25.

She said the school students, staff and families in one month collected 2,800 pounds of aluminum cans for recycling and donated the money raised to Someplace Safe.

Carpenter said this was a district wide effort with help from many groups and organziations in the local community.

Brinsey said teachers can use the iPads in their classrooms and students can use them in the media centers.

Carpenter said one benefit of the effort was the district saved money it would have had to spend to get iPads with funds to be used elsewhere.

Tammy Hanks with Novelis Corp., which held the event through its Novelis Neighbor program, presented the iPads at the assembly.

Brinsey said there were notices placed on Facebook and notes sent home to students which helped get so many people involved.

“The whole community saw a need and came right out and helped,” Brinsey said.

A fundraising effort took place this fall at the Packard Park Shelter House as part of the recycling efforts.

Those who brought a grocery bag full of beverage cans to the event to be recycled, received a free spaghetti dinner.

Hanks had said the event was a fun way to encourage recycling and get the schools involved and show children recycling helps the environment.

To encourage schools to participate in recycling efforts, Novelis decided to award a pizza party and 20 iPads to the school that brought the most cans (by weight) to the spaghetti dinner. Also, the school with the most participation received five iPad Minis.