County OKs jail food deal

WARREN – Trumbull County commissioners on Wednesday approved a contract sought by Sheriff Tom Altiere that he says could save between $60,000 to $80,000 a year in his jail operations.

”We’re probably paying three times the amount we should now for cereal. This will solve that problem,” Altiere said.

The sheriff said since a state warehouse closed in September, government entities have been forced to look elsewhere for food that is served to prisoners. And there aren’t many good deals out there, he said.

The county serves roughly 900 meals a day.

Altiere researched the problem and came up with ABL Management Inc. out of Baton Rouge, La., that will supply food service management consulting services. Stark County is using the company.

Besides consulting on the menus, Altiere said the company pays for the food, and since they buy in bulk for other jails, the price is lower.

The county will pay ABL a $1,500 management fee plus the cost of feeding prisoners at a per-day cost of $2.17 for 2,200 calories, or $2.33 per day for 2,500 calories. The contract runs from Jan. 1 through the calendar year.

Altiere said no one will lose their job in the kitchen at the Trumbull County Jail since the staff is needed to prepare the meals.