Students receive after-school help

WARREN – An after-school program offered at the Salvation Army is helping local Scouts and other students not only with their school work, but with teaching them about teamwork.

Captain Diane Morales said the program is held from 2 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays at the Salvation Army. Children can come to the program themselves or be picked up by staff.

”We first work with them on any homework they may have. If they don’t have homework, we give them work to do or read while they are here. They also receive a meal and then stay for the troop meetings where they can work on projects and earn badges,” Morales said.

Volunteers work in small groups with the children.

Ta’zon Gary, a fourth-grader, said he likes to get help with homework in any subject.

“I like the fun activities and meeting other kids,” Gary said.

Justin Kuti, a helper, said he volunteers his time to help children with their homework and also to assist them in playing games. This is the first time Kuti has taken part in the program.

Morales said there used to be a reading center at the Salvation Army but because of limited staff they were not able to continue it.

“We did not have enough help to do all the one-on-one that is needed in the reading center. There are so many parents who don’t have the time to help with homework so we felt we could help fill that gap with the after-school program,” Morales said.

The program averages more than 20 children in addition to those in the Scout troop, which plans to build and race miniature cars this spring.

When children complete all of their school work, they play board games.

Morales said the program runs through mid-May.

Chassidy Broadstone, 7, said she has learned a lot about doing well in school.

“I have homework that I get help with,” she said.

Morales said staff from Jensen’s Flowers bring crafts for the children to do.

In addition to the onsite activities, children also take part in field trips to Kent State Trumbull Theater, Trumbull Agriculture Center, and Safety Town, where they learn bike safety with road signs.