Put a stop to welfare for industries


When a worker loses his or her job and needs unemployment extensions to live on, the government says “Nah, it’s a disincentive to look for work.”

When a mother of four needs food stamps to make ends meet to feed herself and children because Wally World doesn’t pay enough, the government says “Nah, she’s just taking advantage of the system.”

But whoa, when a company like Cattron-Themic Inc. wants to move into a community, the government says “Certainly, and we will give you six acres of land, waiver of the utilities tap-in fees, 63 percent rebate on employee income tax, 63 percent tax credit on net profits, 75 percent property tax abatement and, to sweeten the deal, a 55 percent job creation tax credit.”

The biggest welfare queens in the country who have little need for incentives take advantage of the system daily, and not a whimper from the Tea Party.

Ian McAleer