Transportation is path to success


We can all agree that times are difficult for most Americans and has been for a long time. With the economy on the mend, but not there yet, the gap in the economical divide between the “haves” and the “have-nots” is greater than ever.

The educational system, although struggling for quite some time, plays an important part in the success of today’s youth. Although it can only do so much in an effort to bridge the gap. I suggest that we as a community, with the helps from others, take responsibility in doing so.

A big part of the problem directly impacting society is the inability for graduating students to have reliable and safe transportation upon graduation.

Transportation is a dividing factor on success that is critical. In today’s society where graduating students who are deserving of a better chance at life cannot do so due to the fact of less opportunities in inner cities where graduating high school is not the only obstacle left to conquer.

We could help to instill the value of education at an early age by reinforcing the importance of staying in school by adding the incentive of transportation upon completing of graduation. This could only enhance the possibility of success whether in the job market or in the pursuit of high education.

To achieve a goal of this magnitude, it would take great commitment of behalf of auto manufacturers, school administrators, and communities across America. This would force us to take a serious look at a problem that has been looming for quite some time. A problem that can be fixed. Because education partnered with transportation is the vehicle on the road to success.

Brian Chaney