Police: Man injured in gas station fight

WARREN – City police are investigating a Wednesday night assault outside a downtown gas station that left a Niles man bloodied and unresponsive.

Police were called about 7:30 p.m. to USA Gas Mart, 317 Pine Ave. S.E., on a reports of someone lying on the ground in the parking lot. They found Dylan M. McTheny, 23, of 36 Washington Ave., on his back, shirtless, with blood coming from the back of his head, according to a Warren police report.

McTheny was unresponsive, police said. He was transported by ambulance to Trumbull Memorial Hospital.

The store clerk told police he witnessed parts of the incident. He stated that McTheny arrived in a small, dark sedan with two or three other males. The clerk told police that he looked outside and saw McTheny fighting with one of the males. The next thing he knew, McTheny was on the ground and the vehicle was gone, the police report states.

Police said they watched surveillance video but the quality of the recording “was less than perfect.”

The video shows that McTheny got into a fight with two other males and that he had fallen to the ground. However, police stated that they could not determine what caused the fall. They also could not see the vehicle on the recording.

Police said when they went to the hospital to talk to McTheny, he remained unresponsive.

His condition was not released Thursday evening.