Protect residents’ best interests


I am so happy to receive my Tribune Chronicle every day at home. I wanted to respond to an article by Robert Reich in the April 25, 2014, newspaper.

I enjoyed his column very much, and could not agree with him more about the Comcast Time-Warner merger and the conglomeration of “big business” wheeling and dealing that has been going on for quite some time in this country and elsewhere.

We have enough of everything in the way of high-tech gadgets, among other things. What we need more of is good, high-speed Internet service in all cities, not just major metropolitan areas, as well as reasonable application of it. High-speed cable has been around since the early 1980s, if not before that time.

I would also be concerned about the removal of cursive handwriting in schools and the very essences of what constitutes life itself. A rose is a rose. Life is not a plaything.

Who has our best interests anymore? Keep the ball rolling and the bottom line best interests of the country going. We should find leaders who do.

Mary La Duca