Lordstown plant location opposed


I have been discussing the new power plant for Lordstown with Mayor Hill and John Mansell ever since I first heard about it. What concerns me the most regarding the power plant goes to Agenda 21. The United Nations basically wants to come into communities like ours and force all citizens who live there to move into cities, and turn our areas into parks surrounding the cities so the United Nations can have control over the citizens.

They can do this by using different regulations and means simply by using our laws against us.

Lordstown has made Resolution 6-2014, stating we are opposed to any takeover of our properties, which I am grateful for our doing this.

However, as I see it, a power plant in the middle of a residential and farming area is a means of opening the door for the government coming in and saying, “You approved this plant, making Resolution 6-2014 null and void; therefore, UN Agenda 21 can take effect.”

Should we allow this plant to go in a residential area, it will be like saying, “Oh, we didn’t mean what we said in our Resolution 6-2014.” Let’s make our yes be yes, and our no be no.

The only reason the owners want to put the power plant in here is because it’s convenient for them, and perhaps they think we already allowed for the shale drilling on this side of Lordstown, so “We the people” won’t care. Well, I care.

Phyllis Chaney