Don’t force your beliefs on others


Again, this is in response to Mr. Putnam and his ignorance over homosexuality and his confusion over its existence.

No one is questioning the origin of the Bible or its contents. What I am questioning is the arrogance on the matter of homosexuality and its effects on mankind. Mr.Putnam obviously skipped over the verse of casting the first stone if you are sin free in a quest to find yet another verse to back up a narrow-mindedness on the topic of gays and their basic human rights. Rights that the writer so obviously is enjoying.

No one is arguing over the Bible, its contents or the right of an individual to his own beliefs. But what right does anybody have to force those beliefs on anyone and everyone?

I know the Bible is not a myth, and I know who the one true creator is. The difference is, my God is all loving and all forgiving. He did, after all, forgive Mary Magdaline, Judas and the people who crucified him.

God does not let Satan pick and choose innocent babies to grow up and become gay. Gay people are born gay. They do not choose to become gay, and no matter how many times the Bible is quoted, it doesn’t change a thing.

Such beliefs are unchristian and bigoted. Gay people quote the Bible.

People have the freedom to read their Bibles and quote them endlessly, but many men and women died so they could have that right. And as I said before, also gay people. They’re allowed to fight and die for our rights but not to practice them?

The Bible does not belong in the voting booth, and government does not belong in church. Nobody has a right to tell others they can’t marry the one they love.

When we die, we stand before God alone to answer for our sins. Therefore, the gay community does not need Mr. Putnam standing with them and passing judgment.

Our new Pope, Francis, believes that too many people and too much time is being spent worrying about homosexuality, which isn’t going to change a thing, and not enough time worrying about world hunger and poverty, which we can change.

Read the Bible and quote it often, just do it privately.

Cheryl Piper