Marriage applications filed in Trumbull County July 21-25.

Nathan M. Allen, 25, dock worker, 1229 North Road, Niles, and Misaki Kakinohana, 27, none, same.

Wayne G. Keeling Jr., 53, electrician, 5452 Lakeview Drive, Cortland, and Florence A. Swegman, 50, early intervention specialist, same.

Duane C. Holland, 46, laborer, 6405 Mahoning Ave., Warren, and Diane M. Damron, 45, none, 5385 Mahoning Ave., Warren.

Anthony M. Noble, 24, subcontactor, 64 Comrose Drive, Niles, and Makenzie M. Adkins, 20, home health, same.

Eli E. Miller III, 22, logger, 5758 U.S. Route 322, Windsor, and Cathy J. Bricker, 21, teacher, 5206 Parks W. Road, Middlefield.

Marco L. Hall, 29, professional boxer, 435 Maryland Ave., Warren, and Brooke A. Warren, 21, LPN, 5135 Eagle Creek Road, Leavittsburg.

Cody R. Patchin, 23, woodworker, 2233 Housel Craft Road, Bristolville, and Emily J. Weaver, 31, homemaker, 1260 E. Flagg Road, Orwell.

Lamberto T. Lee, 75, retired, 2858 Pebble Creek Court, Cortland, and Nancy C. Satterthwaite, 71, remittance management specialist, 1410 Salt Springs Road, Lordstown.

Anthony L. Moore, 24, U.S. Army, 3201 Lodwick St., Warren, and Theresa L. Rolfe, 24, restaurant, 947 Woodlawn Ave., Girard.

Anthony D. Forman, 43, retired military, 597 Aurora Drive, Youngstown, and Pamela I. Bailey, 36, self-employed, same.

Neil T. Erickson, 61, material handler, 305 Johnson Plank Road, Warren, and Darlene A. Patton, 55, occupational therapist, 3252 Morrow Drive, Cortland.

Daniel P. Stein, 28, physical therapist, 7918 Raglan Drive N.E., Warren, and Sara E. Bobco, 23, retail clerk, same.

Brian D. Nail, 42, electronic tech, 3201 Pothour Wheeler Road, Hubbard, and Diana M. Booth, 42, X-ray tech, same.

Philip M. Harper, 30, production, 120 Hickory Circle, Cortland, and Lindy G. Neuberger, 27, bank teller, 5119 Bazetta Road, Cortland.

Terrence A. Woodall, 34, machine operator, 3190 Hadley Ave., Liberty, and Tiffany M. Cooke, 35, STNA, same.

William L. Kemp, 81, retired minister, 3460 Basswood Ave., Warren, and Betty Y. Bane, 78, retired, 620 Lafayette Ave., Niles.

Kyle Adam Dalton, 28, press operator, 1911 Youngstown Road, Warren, and Aaron R. Pagan, 28, waitress, same.

Kyle T. Pifer, 22, laborer, 5365 Copeland Ave., Warren, and Kayla J. Fumerola, 21, laborer, same.

Aaron M. Prezgay, 26, maintenance tech, 735 Brookfield Ave., Masury, and Chelsea M. Domascieno, 23, none, 732 S. Stateline Road, Masury.

Stephen M. Gabrovsek, 24, aircraft mechanic, 1429 Dunkerton Road, North Bloomfield, and Mallory A. Holko, 26, medical technologist, 6129 Porter Drive, Farmdale.

Derreck R. Haynes, 27, IS support representative, 8958 King Graves Road N.E., Warren, and Taylor K. Summerfield, 24, student/ volleyball coach, same.

Anthony S. Ragozine, 25, lineman, 1635 Squaw Creek Drive, Girard, and Jenna M. Floravit, 24, waitress, 22 Mohawk Drive, Girard.

Christopher P. Brison, 42, supervisor, 581 Cedar Drive, Cortland, and Jacqueline E. Lytle, 36, dispatcher, same.

Ian E. Lowry, 18, manufacturing, 655 Saul Drive, Hubbard, and Megan-Lynn M. Vavrinak, 18, none, same.

James E. Spain, 51, laborer, 1610 Morris Place, Niles, and Melissa A. Gorby, 47, sales representative, same.

Avery S. Qualls, 24, sales representative, 397 S. Leavitt Road, Leavittsburg, and Stephanie R. Tursack, 23, environmental service aide, same.

Brett A. Blanchard, 33, sales outside, 13 Glade Ave., Warren, and Brittany N. Leonard, 25, cosmetologist, 1441 Shaw Ave., Niles.