Palo now focusing on football

NEWTON FALLS – Bucyrus Palo loves to knock down his opponents.

“I just want to knock people down, but I want to win games,” he said. “Hopefully a winning season, 5-5, since we went 1-9 last year. If we win more, I’m more for it.”

But Palo isn’t one of those uber aggressive lineman. It’s not his style.

“Usually after I knock someone down I pick them back up. I really don’t stare at them or yell at them. It’s not really cool,” he said.

What was cool for Palo earlier this year was when he came away with gold at the Division III state track and field meet – placing first in the boys discus.

“Winning state is pretty cool,” Palo said.

The footwork doesn’t carry over that much, but the hipwork definitely does.

His throws coach is Culp, who is his football coach as well.

Things don’t change from season to season for Culp.

“Not really. He’s always about getting work done and on top of things,” Palo said.

Palo, 6-foot-2, 230-pound lineman, knows winning at state was a good thing, but he’s solely concentrating on football.

“My main focus is I want to win games,” he said.

But being on the football field hasn’t always been Palo’s focus. He didn’t start playing football until his sophomore year.

“He’s learned a lot about the game,” Culp said. “Obviously, he’s got a lot stronger, but his knowledge of the game has really picked up so that’s going to help him. He’s going to 100 percent all the time, knowing what he’s supposed to do is really going to help him out.”

Don’t expect anything but the best from Palo.

“He gives you a lot of effort, always works hard and trying to learn whatever he’s supposed to do,” Culp said.

“It’s his effort, what he’s going to give you 100 percent all the time.”

So what makes him give so much drive constantly?

“It’s his athleticism,” Culp said. “He understands his body and he understands how to deliver it. Once he understands the game a little bit more, he’ll be OK.”